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  • The America Survey
  •  Your opinion could be worth $500
  • Survey Junkie
  • Real brands want your real opinion.
  • Earn Cash and Gift Cards for taking surveys.
  • Toluna Influencers
  • Share your opinion by answering our surveys, inspire change in real time.
  • Share your opinion by answering our surveys, inspire change in real time.
  • Life Points
  • Take Surveys, Influencer Products, Earn Cash!
  • Join our community of over 5,000,000 members and start collecting LifePoints today.
  • The LifePoints you collect by participating in our online surveys can be spent on rewards of your choice. This means you can seize opportunities for great rewards every time a new survey is completed.
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  • Super-Surveys

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Online surveys are used by market researchers to gauge public opinion on specific products or topics. Brands will commission market research companies to deliver these surveys on their behalf. You can register with these market research sites, take the surveys and get paid for your efforts.

Paid Surveys

 Not completely familiar with what online paid surveys are?


As a consumer, your opinion is more important to companies than you think. Brands desperately need to know what people think of their goods and services. Will that new ice-cream flavor be a hit or a flop? Is the blue updated logo as eye-catching as the original green one? Do people enjoy watching ads featuring cats, or do the majority prefer dogs? While these may seem like silly questions, this is what market research is all about, and the answers are quite valuable to businesses.



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